About Radiological Health Department


The Radiological Health Department oversees all aspects of the radiation protection program for the University of Utah, its hospitals and clinics. Our primary areas of focus are licensing, responsible use of radiation, training and ensuring public health and safety.


Director & Radiation Safety Officer


Karen S. Langley

The Director of the Radiological Health Department is also the University's Radiation Safety Officer(RSO). The RSO is responsible to regulatory agencies and the University for all aspects of protecting employees, students, patients and the general public from exposure to ionizing radiation utilized in any way by the University and its employees.

Associate Director / Assistant RSO


Frederick A. Monette

Health Physicists

Health Physics responsibilities in the areas of Laboratory Audit program and Instrumentation

Elliott Lesses


Masoud Momen Beitollahi


Matthew Asay


Mario Bettolo

Radiation Analysts

  Tony Macklyn
  Tracy Holt
Manny Antonacci
Bill Dick
Norval Braithwaite

Radiation Safety Technologist

  Scott Ainscough

Administrative Staff


Adele Edison

Administrative Assistant


Catherine Collins

Executive Secretary


Kathleen Openshaw

Data Analyst


Liping Niu

Computer Professional

For RHD Staff

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