Survey Meters


If you have specific questions regarding the use of Survey Instruments you can contact your Radiation Analyst or the Radiation Safety t at 581-6141.

Each link below will show a brief description of each meter, and a list of the various types of that meter used here at the University.

Geiger Counter

Scintillation Detectors

Ion Chambers

Fixed Radiation Detection Equipment

You may also find the following information useful:


Instruments that have been "Red Tagged" are not to be used for measuring radation. These instruments are either not working properly or have failed calibration. If a meter has a red "Out of Service" label, this means the meter is not intended to be used or repaired in the near future. Please contact your Radiation Analyst if you have further questions.

If you are looking for information regarding the purchase of a survey instrument or other radiation detection instruments, look under the Product Resources tab in our Links section.