Policies & Procedures


The University of Utah Radiation Safety Committee approves and governs the use of radiation and radioactive materials. The Committee-approved policy and procedures are contained under the Radiation Safety Policy Manual and the Radiation Procedures and Records (RPR) links.

Contains a list of all procedures, records, and forms approved by the Committee.

Radiation Safety Policy Manual
A compilation of radiation safety measures that each user of radiation should be familiar with.

RPR Forms
Contains the forms used for completion of all tasks related to Radiation Safety.

Radiation Protection Manual
Contains the Committee's policy governing the use of radioactive material.

Declared Pregnancy and Fetal Monitoring for Radiation Workers
Contains information for Pregnant Workers. Contains University Policy, procedure for declaring pregnancy, and links to additional information concerning pregnancy and radiation to both the worker and the unborn fetus.

Instructions for RDRC-HUS submissions Revised
Please read this document before submitting RDRC-HUS applications in ERICA. Please contact Masoud Beitollahi (masoud@rso.utah.edu) with any questions.