How to Apply


The use of radioactive material at the University of Utah must be approved by the Radiation Safety Committee. To become identified as a Responsible User you will complete an application, which can be obtained by calling 581-6141.

Once the completed application is received in our office, it is reviewed by the Radiation Safety Officer. At his/her approval it is distributed to the Radiation Safety Committee for review and approval. You should be prepared to answer any additional questions these individuals may have for your proposed use. Most applications are routine; however, some are not and require further investigation before authorization. Upon final approval you will be contacted by a radiation analyst who will prepare your laboratory for proper use of radioactive material.

Before you or your staff members plan to use radioactive material, you will be required to attend our radiation safety training. This is a two-part training. The first portion can be accomplished at your convenience by completing a web-based review of fundamentals and taking an exam. The second portion is a hands-on training session, which is offered at least monthly. You should expect the entire process to take approximately 3 to 4 weeks depending on availability of Committee members' signatures and the training schedule. It is not wise to wait until the week before you want to order radioactive material to start your application process (RPR 2).