Getting Started


The following links will walk you through the steps of applying to use radiation, ordering radioactive materials, preparing your laboratory to use radiation, and disposing of radioactive waste. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our main office at 801-581-6141 or your Radiation Analyst (if one has been assigned).

Please remember that before you will be allowed to work with or order radioactive materials, you must complete the appropriate radiation safety training modules. You may sign up and take the online training at any time.

How to Apply -- This link starts the Responsible User (RU), application process (RPR 2); it also familiarizes the user with the process of becoming an RU.


Ordering Materials -- Provides information on both how to order Radioactive materials, and the requirements for the proper use and disposition of the material(s).

Preparing Your Lab  -- Serves as a broad overview on how to prepare your lab for using radioactive materials safely.