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Ordering Materials


The policy for ordering radioactive materials is found under RPR 13. Isotope Acquisition and Disposition. Below is an excerpt from RPR 13 with information relevant to ordering materials. Note that RPR 13 also addresses the transfer of radioactive materials from one Responsible User to another. Please take some time to review and familiarize yourself with the entire Acquisition and Disposition procedure.

All purchases of radioactive materials must be initiated on a requisition submitted to the Purchasing Department. Departmental purchase orders, commonly referred to as "under $500 orders" are not to be used for radioactive materials! The requisition must contain the name of the responsible user and an accurate description of the radioactive material, including the isotope and the total activity, e.g., millicuries, not just a catalog number. If the order is for an authorized isotope and quantity, the order will be processed promptly; otherwise the requisition may be returned to the purchaser until proper authorization is obtained.

Also note that RPR 13 contains forms for package surveys, receipt verification, and disposal of radioactive material. You will receive training on these forms during the Basic Radioactive Materials Users training.

If you have any questions on the ordering of Radioactive Material, contact your Radiation Analyst or the main office in the Radiation Safety (581-6141).