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Preparing Your Lab


Our office supplies radioactive waste bags. We also supply containers for liquid waste collection, but you will be required to supply a secondary containment. This should be a container that is sufficient to hold the contents of the liquid should the primary container begin to leak. For example, if you plan to use a one-gallon collection container, your secondary container should hold at least that volume.

You will be required to purchase a radiation detection instrument. It is best to ask our staff for a recommendation. We can save you money, time, and frustration by recommending the appropriate instrument. We will do the initial postings in your laboratory and can make recommendations on purchase of additional labels, stickers, tape, etc. Again this will save you time and money as some levels of radioactive material require very specific verbiage and simply placing a trefoil symbol on the beaker does not meet the law.

You will be responsible for purchasing station shielding, waste shielding and container shielding if necessary. It is not always appropriate to shield solely with plastic or lead, so please ask one of our staff members for guidance.