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Using Radiation


The following links discuss the use of radiation on humans, animals, and general laboratory handling. Forms for application for working in each of these areas are available as are specific policies and procedures.

If you have any questions about the use of radiation at the University of Utah, or the application process, feel free to contact our main office at 581-6141 or your Radiation Analyst.

Human Use - Provides the University Policies and Procedures for the use of radiation on Humans.

Animal Use - Describes required necessary documentation for the use of radiation in animals in addition to the IACUC requirements.

Lab Use - Lists the University policies and procedures for the use of radiation in laboratories.

Termination of Use - Provides instruction when either terminating radiation use or a laboratory in which radioactive materials were used.

Radioactive Waste - Provides instruction for the preperation of waste for pickup, or for segration of waste in your laboratory.