Radioactive Waste


Waste containing radioactive material must be disposed by the Radiation Safety. Preparation of the waste for pickup is the responsibility of laboratory personnel, as discussed below.


To allow disposal, it is important that all radioactive waste be properly segregated and packaged and that the appropriate paperwork is filled out completely. The following resources provide guidance and information:


Radioactive Waste Guide (Green Sheet) - Detailed waste preparation instructions on all types of radioactive waste.


Radioactive Waste Summary Guide -- a job aid, suitable for posting in the lab, which summarizes radioactive waste segregation and preparation requirements.


Disposal to the Sewer System (Sink Disposal) --a job aid, suitable for posting in the lab, which summarizes the requirements for disposal of radioactive material down the sanitary sewer (e.g., sink).


Waste Tag Instructions -- Instructions on how to properly fill out a waste tag.


Radioisotope Acquisition and Disposition (RPR 13) -- a link that contains disposition procedures and requirements for researchers.


Radioactive Waste Management Policy (RPR 54) -- a link to the official radioactive waste policy and procedure.




Laboratory personnel can request a radioactive waste pickup electronically. Radioactive waste typically will be picked up within 2 working days of receipt of the request. If immediate pick up of radioactive waste is required, arrangements can be made by calling 801-581-6141.

Prior to requesting a waste pickup, please ensure the following steps are taken (failure to complete these steps may result in a delay in the waste pickup):


1. The waste is properly segregated and packaged (see waste guides above).


2.  The waste tag is filled out completely, legibly, and attached to the waste material container.


3.  The waste container has been closed or sealed.


4.  A wipe survey of the outside of the waste container has been conducted to ensure it is free of contamination.


5.  A laboratory representative is available to meet the Radiation Safety employee at the time of the scheduled pickup (the Radiation Safety will call the laboratory contact to arrange a suitable time after receiving the electronic pick up request).


An electronic request for a waste pickup can be placed by clicking: Waste Pickup Link

Electronic pick up request instructions: Waste system instructions PDF file