Radioactive Waste


University Waste Pickup Schedule - This schedule shows when waste will be picked up within the different geographical locations on specific days. If an emergency pickup is required, special arrangements can be made by calling 1-6141.

For preparation of dry and biological wastes select one of the options below

For preparation of liquid waste and scintillation vial disposal select one of the options below

Green Sheet - Detailed Waste Preparation Instructions on all types of waste products. This instruction sheet is given as a hand out at the isotope users course and may be printed from this link

What Is a Waste Tag? - This link displays a picture of our waste tag. Instructions on how to complete the waste tag can be found on the "Green Sheet".

Request a Waste Pickup

Liquid Waste Container Sizes - The only sizes of waste containers that may be used are: 1 gallon and 2.5 gallons.